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Marcos Lutz assumes the presidency of Cosan

16/10/2009 - Agência Estado

Cosan published that the director president of the company, Rubens Ometto, asked for renouncement of his position in meeting of Council of Administration accomplished yesterday. Second notice signed by the director vice-president of Finances and Relationship with Investors, Marcelo Martins, Ometto will maintain his position of president of Council of Administration, being devoted integrally to the strategic administration of Cosan. In his place, Marcos Marinho Lutz will assume the presidency of Cosan, starting from the first day of close November.

Ometto, that was in the presidency of Cosan since 1986, made the transition of the company of a group formed by family plants to world giant of the section sucroalcooleiro, larger producing of sugar of the world. In 2005, the company opened it capital in the Stock exchange of São Paulo (Bovespa) and, in December of 2008, Cosan was the first company to buy a dealer of fuels, Esso, settling down in the two sides of the chain of the etanol, production and commercialization.

In March, Cosan made new expansion acquiring the sugar mill NovAmerica, creating a gigantic company with capacity of grinding of 60 million tons and 23 sugar mills. In the last years, Ometto diversified the company not just in the direction of the distribution of fuels but also in logistics, creating Rumo Logistics, for embarkment of sugar, with the participation in Uniduto, that will link the interior of São Paulo to the port of Santos, besides acquiring the Port Terminal of Teaçu with NovAmérica and the creation of Cosan Bioenergy, to sell bioelectricity produced through it burns it of pulp.

The new director president, Marcos Marinho Lutz, current Director Commercial Vice-president and of Logistics, joined to the executive body of Cosan in February of 2007. Lutz is a master in administration of companies and graduate in Naval Engineering. Before entering in Cosan, Lutz acted as executive director of Infrastructure and Energy in CSN and it was member of the administration council of MRS Logística and Ita Energética. It was also director superintendent of Ultracargo, subsidiary of logistics of the Grupo Ultra.

Julio Fontana Neto stays as Rumo president, the company created by Cosan to set up the rail logistics of the draining of sugar for the port of Santos.

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