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Bombardier starts system ERTMS testing in SuperVia

04/02/2013 - Bombardier

The new signaling system acquired by SuperVia from Bombardier, a global leader in rail technology, entered into the testing phase in the concessionaire trains. In 2011 Bombardier was contracted by SuperVia to provide a system that will allow halving the headway, ensuring total security in the 5 branches of the metropolitan railroad network of Rio de Janeiro, which comprises a total of 225 kilometers of rails and 89 stations. With the new system, it will be possible to offer passengers trains every 3 minutes in the branch between stations Central do Brasil and Deodoro.

The new protection system (ATP), also known as Level 1 BOMBARDIER INTERFLO 250 ERTMS, the European rail traffic management standard, allow to automatically manage the safety headway and eliminate human error, since, if the driver ignores an instruction to stop given by a red light or to reduce speed, the system operates by braking the train automatically.

The new protection system, associated with the functionality of the central management of rail traffic, allows controlling the speed of trains in circulation, thus increasing the transport capacity of the track and putting safety at a maximum level.

 "The ATP regulates the speed of the train and enhances traffic safety, calculating the distance required for the stops to be made appropriately and respecting the signs of the railroad. The current signaling is safe, but we intend to revitalize the rail system of Rio de Janeiro with this advance in signaling. Thus, we will be able to double the capacity of trains offered by branch and gradually diminish the waiting time on the platforms, until we reach the middle of the headway that currently exists," explains João Gouveia, Director of Operations of SuperVia, in the Web site of the State Department of Transportation of Rio de Janeiro.

SuperVia chose Bombardier for providing this ERTMS system, among other criteria, because Bombardier is today a world leader in its development, and Bombardier's solutions are in operation or being delivered over 2,500 vehicles and 15,000 km of tracks, in 16 countries.

Bombardier is currently responsible for many of the major signaling systems in the world, in metro and metropolitan train networks of cities like Madrid, Spain, London, England, San Francisco, USA, Guangzhu, China, Mumbai, India, among many others. In Brazil, Bombardier is undergoing major expansion of its activities in general and of its signaling systems in particular.

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