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Metro tracks in São Paulo will be equipped with CBTC in 2012


Alstom must complete in March 2012 the deployment of CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control) in Track 2-Green of São Paulo Metro. The system is already being tested in one track stretch, between Vila Prudente and Sacomã stations.

The deployment of CBTC in Track 1-Blue and Track 3-Red is expected to be completed in the second half of 2012. Track 1 should be equipped first, and then Track 3. According to Laércio Mauro Santoro Biazotti, Director of Metropolitan Transport Planning and Expansion at Metrô de São Paulo, near US$ 400 million are being invested in the CBTC deployment in the three metro tracks in São Paulo.

Today, Metrô uses ATO (Automatic Train Operation), and expects to shorten the headway and increase operation safety with CBTC. “We will achieve 20% increase in the offer and headway in the same proportion,” explains Biazotti.

Questioned on the reduction of super-occupation of tracks with the system deployment, the Director of Metrô de São Paulo said that “the occupation should only be reduced with the construction of new tracks”.  Metrô de São Paulo is carrying out the installation project of two monorail tracks (Track-2 Green extension and Track 17-Gold), two tracks are being extended (4-Yellow and 5-Lilac) and other tracks are being planned, such as 6-Orange, 20-Pink and 18-Bronze.

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